A Calgary-based business has been charged with price gouging after the provincial government says it ignored an order to stop selling several items at exorbitant prices.

Service Alberta’s Consumer Investigations Unit (CIU) first learned of the business by an anonymous tip received through its Report a Rip-Off line.

At CCA Logistics Ltd (Newsway) on April 1, investigators allegedly found 3M masks being sold for $120, hand sanitizer for $39, Lysol spray for $25, Vitamin C (two pack) for $30 and hand soap for $10.

Service Alberta Minister Nate Glubish says unnecessarily hiking prices by 200 to 400 per cent is disgusting behaviour that will be punished 100 per cent of the time.

As of Friday, the CIU had received 458 complaints about price gouging related to COVID-19 at businesses across Alberta and 351 have been forwarded for further inspection or investigation.

If found guilty, a company could face fines up to $300,000.