A COVID-19 assessment centre has been set up this week in Brooks to test asymptomatic people in that region.

Brooks has experienced a huge outbreak of the novel coronavirus over the past two weeks with 91% of all current and recovered cases in the South Zone.

Last week, Mayor Barry Morishita requested a centre be set up to test only people with no virus symptoms. He tells our radio station over 2,200 people have come through for testing which Morishita says is a positive sign.

“There no doubt about it if you look at the evidence,” says Morishita. “Across countries and jurisdictions which have been successful at flattening, testing is the key. I think this proves that even in a city as small as Brooks it works. I’m really encouraging AHS to continue on with this in one way, shape or form.”

The Brooks asymptomatic test centre has been the first of its kind in Alberta. Wednesday was supposed to be its last day.

Morishita says over these three days they will have tested about 10% of the asymptomatic population in the Brooks region. He stresses this is good for a couple of reasons. One, if person has the infection then they must go under the proper health protocols. Two, the ones who test negative can be assured they are and have been doing the right things.

The Mayor feels those two things combined will help Brooks “weather this rise in community spread” and move forward.