A well-known local philanthropist is stepping up with a generous donation to the Interfaith Food Bank during its time of need.

Cor Van Raay is providing emergency food services during the COVID-19 response to the tune of $100,000.

While currently self-isolating, Van Raay says he “could not, in all conscion, sit and listen about people in Lethbridge and community who have no homes, no jobs, and very little food.”

He says he was in the same situation about 60 years ago, adding “I hope and pray that this contribution will help at least a few people who are less fortunate.”

The Interfaith Food Bank is currently partnering with the Lethbridge Food Bank and MyCity Care to distribute emergency food assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Organizers are encouraging community members to connect with their charity of choice to make a contribution, volunteer time, or to help in inspiring others to come together in trying times.