The Western Hockey League is taking precautions against coronavirus.

The WHL saying in a release the safety of its players, officials, staff, fans, and the general public, remains of the utmost importance.

As of now, the league is advising all clubs to eliminate handshakes between teammates ,opponents, officials.

There will be no sharing of water bottles or towels on benches or penalty box areas..and players are to avoid direct contact with fans, including high-fives, handshakes, and autographs.

Standard WHL Media Policy defines Club dressing rooms as restricted areas. All media opportunities are to be conducted in designated media areas outside Club dressing rooms.

Medical and training staffs of all 22 WHL member Clubs have been provided with information from their regional health authorities advising on the transmission of COVID-19 and common symptoms associated with the virus.

The WHL says it continues to closely monitor the public health developments regarding COVID-19.