A 22-year old man has pleaded guilty following a recent weapons incident at a west side drugstore.

On Oct. 29, Lethbridge Police were called to the Shoppers Drug Mart along Columbia Boulevard West, after reports that a man went into the store and was unhappy with the service he received after being told he couldn’t return a camera he purchased. As he was leaving, he turned around and pointed a gun at staff, saying he was going to “come back and shoot you all up.”

No one was injured in the incident.

Police arrested David Krahn at a local restaurant the next day (Oct. 30), after he posted his location on his personal Facebook page. The weapon used in the incident at the drugstore was found in the trash in the restaurant’s bathroom, and was determined to be an airsoft gun that looked like a replica handgun.

Krahn was in a Lethbridge courtroom on Tuesday (Nov. 12) and pleaded guilty to three charges, including uttering threats against two Shoppers Drug Mart employees and pointing a firearm.

He’s been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to determine the risk to himself and the general public.

Krahn will remain in custody at the Lethbridge Correctional Centre until Jan. 28 when his sentencing will take place.