A Lethbridge woman being handed an 18 month long house arrest sentence Wednesday (Oct. 30) after she admitted to passing counterfeit money at several local businesses.

36 year old Kristina Zinger pleaded guilty in August to a single charge of fraud under $5,000, as well as other unrelated stolen property and identity theft charges.

According to an agreed statement of facts, Zinger used counterfeit $10, $20 and $50 U.S. bills to make purchases at a convenience store, restaurant and grocery store between January and February last year.

Lethbridge Police searched her home in March where they found clippings of U.S. currency, printer cartridges and paper. Some of the bills had serial numbers matching the ones Zinger used to make purchases.

A roommate also told officers that she would make the money in her bedroom.

Zinger will be required to remain in her home for 24 hours a day, except for court-approved outings for the next year and a half.