A Lethbridge group is holding a community anti-crime rally this coming weekend.

Connecting Our Community Lethbridge says on Facebook the rally will take place along Mayor Magrath Drive outside of Henderson Park on Sunday, November 3rd between 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Organizer Mallory Kristjanson says in an online video, enough is enough. “What’s happening in our community is not okay. We stand to unite our community. We stand to raise awareness to the increase in crime and to the unsafe happenings and the unsafe reports about how people feel in this community.”

Kristjanson says it’s time citizens come together and demand change. She notes the group is also advocating for an increase in police resources, including more officers.

On the group’s Facebook page, it says Connecting Our Community started a few months ago after a woman was “violently sexually assaulted in an alley on the north side.”

Kristjanson says the want to raise awareness for safety, because “Lethbridge residents deserve better.”