No voter apathy in southern Alberta Monday night.

Turnout at the polls was very high right across the south. Voter turnout in Lethbridge was roughly 72%. That’s compared with and up from 67% during the 2015 election.

High voter turnout in neighbouring ridings as well. Foothills saw 74% of registered voters cast a ballot in this election.

Voter turnout in Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner was 66% and in Bow River, the number came in at 69%.

The Conservatives swept all of Alberta Monday, except for one riding in Edmonton. The provincial voter turnout in this federal election was 68% and across Canada as a whole it was roughly 66%.

As for the winning candidates in the south, Conservative Martin Shields in Bow River was re-elected with the third-highest vote percentage among elected candidates across all of Alberta with 84.1% support.

In Lethbridge, Rachael Harder garnered 65.6% of the vote, John Barlow in Foothills had 82.3%, and Glen Motz in Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner was re-elected with 79.3% voter support.

You can see full unofficial results on the Elections Canada web site.