Lethbridge College’s Wind Turbine Technician program is partnering up with one of the world’s leading safety and rescue training companies.

TEAM-1 Academy Inc. will provide training and equipment to students and faculty over the next three years while also using the college’s training space to train workers from other wind power generation companies – an agreement valued at over $100,000.

TEAM-1 is one of only two companies in Canada certified to provide Global Wind Organization training.

Program Chair, Chris DeLisle, says this partnership means students will graduate climb ready.

He says students have always found success entering the industry but the dual certification (the college already offers BZEE certification) means they will have even more options all around the world.

DeLisle says the partnership is also great for faculty, as the annual refresher training will help them stay as current as possible with industry trends.

In recognition of the gift, the training platform in the college’s Wind Turbine Technician shop will be renamed in honour of TEAM-1 Academy Inc.