The City of Lethbridge will push the provincial government for a specialized local unit to help snuff out drug houses.

The Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods unit or SCAN as it’s known, is part of the Alberta Sheriffs, which deals with problem properties that are being used for specific illegal activity.

Mayor Chris Spearman told City Council last week (Aug. 19) that Lethbridge needs a dedicated SCAN team here. “We would be getting an enhancement to the enforcement pillar in the City of Lethbridge if we’re successful. It’s another opportunity for us to advocate for resources in the City of Lethbridge that exist in other cities like Calgary and Edmonton. If we’re going to solve the drug issue, we have to stop the supply.”

Spearman says there are enough issues in the city to warrant a permanent SCAN office here. It was also something mentioned by outgoing Lethbridge Police Chief Rob Davis.

A few weeks ago a number of frustrated residents had complained to police and City Council about a suspected drug house in their neighbourhood. The home on 7th Avenue North was shut down by SCAN a number of months back, however nearby residents said there was action back at that same house again.

Spearman feels have a dedicated SCAN unit in Lethbridge would help police shut down drug houses effectively.

The motion to send a letter to the provinces advocating for a Lethbridge SCAN unit passed unanimously.