A southern Alberta Member of Parliament isn’t very happy the Trudeau government plans to implement a federal carbon tax in this province starting January 1st, 2020.

Foothills MP John Barlow says if there’s a change in federal government this October, Albertans won’t have to worry about another carbon tax…..period.

“Absolutely”, says Barlow. “It would be our first piece of legislation with a Conservative government lead by Andrew Scheer to repeal the Liberal carbon tax. We do not believe you can tax your way to a clean environment. It seems like the Liberals like to measure their success by how much tax dollars they spend.”

The new UCP government scrapped the provincial carbon tax in May and now the Liberals say they’ll be replacing that with one of their own. “I think the climate plan unveiled last week by Andrew Scheer is a game-changer. It shows we can meet and exceed our targets, without having a carbon tax.”

Barlow says gas prices in Alberta have dropped dramatically since Alberta Premier Jason Kenney got rid of the NDP carbon tax, making life a little better for Albertans and for Justin Trudeau to come a put another tax on “is a sad state of affairs.”

Barlow notes information from Stats Canada shows farm net incomes for Alberta are down 68% and a lot of that can be attributed to the now-scrapped provincial carbon tax.