Premier Jason Kenney is encouraging Albertans to exercise their freedom of speech but to do it in a way that respects public heath orders.

Several communities, including Lethbridge and Calgary, have seen peaceful protests in recent days as participants show solidarity with anti-racism demonstrations around the globe.

Kenney says people are voicing concerns over legitimate issues, adding racism is sadly a reality in Alberta.

He says “I think we’re a lot better than most places around the world and Canada when it comes to respecting human dignity and quality of all before the law but we have our own sad history of institutional racism.”

Kenney says there are lots of ways to be passionate and show solidarity without gathering in large groups while COVID-19 public health orders are in place, like using the media, social media, and elected officials.

He’s asking Albertans to wear masks where physical distancing cannot be achieved adding it would be a “real tragedy” if these gatherings resulted in the unintended spread of COVID-19.