The finishing touches are being made to a brand new school in Iron Springs.

Staff at Huntsville School recently got a sneak peek at the $11-million project being built just steps away from the existing school which dates back to 1941.

Principal Chris Spanos says things are progressing to the point where teachers are organizing materials to transition over and thinking about how they want to stet up their spaces.

The new K to 12 school will have a capacity of 240 to accommodate the growing number of Low German-speaking Mennonite students which account for 95 per cent of enrolment there.

The Palliser Regional School Division says exactly when and what opening festivities might look like for the new Huntsville School are dependent on health guidelines and other conditions, which are still evolving at this point.

Public tours of the existing building, for those wanting to bid farewell, will take place next Friday morning, June 12.

Tour times must be booked in advance, on a first-come, first-served basis, by calling the school office at 403-738-4522.