Goats will be a common sight along Lethbridge’s coulees once again this summer.

The City has hired back some 200 goats to graze on invasive weeds in Alexander Wilderness Park and Indian Battle Park.

Leafy spurge, wormwood, thistle, crested wheat grass and brome grasses will be their main food source.

Parks Natural Resources Coordinator, Jackie Cardinal, says the goats are trained to eat the weeds and mostly leave the grass alone, adding it’s much more environmentally friendly than having a truck and sprayer in the parks.

Residents are reminded the goats are working, and are asked to not pet them or the herd dogs that move them around.

Dogs are also not allowed in Alexander Wilderness Park, Cottonwood Park, Elizabeth Hall Wetlands or the Lethbridge Nature Reserve near Helen Schuler Nature Centre.

Residents with dogs in Indian Battle Park are asked to keep them away from the goats and herd dogs.