Following a lengthy debate, Lethbridge City Council has decided to table a decision on the Six Mile Coulee Park Pathway Project for two weeks.

On Monday (June 1), Councillor Blaine Hyggen introduced a motion asking that the project be pulled from the current Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).

Some local mountainbike and trail running groups want that area to stay undeveloped as it is, however the plan is to add a shale pathway and some stairs to provide better access to the general public.

Rescinding the project would also save the City the roughly $1.8 million earmarked for it.

Councillors eventually voted for an amendment (from Councillor Jeffery Coffman) to receive a joint presentation, no later than October 31st, from community groups and the City Manager on new consultation outcomes and proposed strategies.

The Pathway 24 project was then tabled and will come back before City Council on June 15th.