Alberta’s UCP government is making changs to the province’s food regulation to enable Albertans to sell low-risk home-prepared foods from home and at special events.

The aim is to increase access to locally prepared food.

Home-based businesses will not require food-handling permits or be subject to inspections for foods that present a low risk for food-borne illness.

Low-risk foods do not require refrigeration and include such items as baked goods, jams/jellies, candies, pickled foods and cereals.

Health Minister Tyler Shandro says this regulatory change maintains the province’s standards for food safety, supports Alberta entrepreneurs, adds new jobs and benefits the economy.

High-risk foods and foods containing meat, poultry, seafood and/or raw milk will continue to be prohibited.

The province state home-prepared foods, including those sold at farmers markets, will need to be clearly and appropriately labelled so consumers can make informed choices. Vendors at farmers markets selling home-prepared foods will be asked to comply with the new labelling requirements, in addition to existing farmers markets guidelines. Implementation of these requirements will take place gradually, starting with education.