It appears a return to a sense of normalcy in Alberta is just a few weeks away.

Premier Jason Kenney announced in the legislature on Wednesday (May 27) the provincial government does not plan to renew the State of Public Health Emergency.

That measure is set to expire on June 15.

“We can not continue, indefinitely, to impair the social and economic as well as the mental and physiological health of the broader population, for potentially a year, through measures for an influenza that does not generally threaten life apart from the elderly and immunocompromised,” Kenney told the legislature.

Kenney was responding to an MLA question about the Fair Deal Panel saying the UCP will release the report soon. He notes the report will be made public once the State of Public Health Emergency ends.

“No government in Canada has worked harder to contain the disease and no province has been as successful,” Kenney said.

The Premier also says Alberta can proceed to the next stages of the relaunch with strong confidence and bold action to ensure a rapid and robust economic recovery.