Lethbridge’s newest school officially has a name.

The K to 5 school being built in the Southbrook neighbourhood on the southeast side of the city will be known as Dr. Robert Plaxton Elementary.

The name honours the public school division’s longest-serving superintendent. Plaxton served in that position for 18 years between 1973 and 1991.

“We are very proud to have our newest school named after a man who dedicated so many years of his life to our school division,” says Clark Bosch, Chair of the Lethbridge School Division Board of Trustees. “The Board of Trustees received a number of very worthy submissions for names for the school but in the end, we feel very good about the name that has been selected.”

The new elementary school will be unique, in that it will be the first one in Lethbridge to have special solar panels to help generate power for the school.

Meanwhile, Dr. Plaxton’s wife, Ann Louise says it’s an honour to have the school named after her late husband, noting he was very proud to be a teacher.

Aside from serving as superintendent for nearly 20 years, Plaxton helped open the first school on the west side, Nicholas Sheran, along with Park Meadows on the north side.

The name for the new school was approved by trustees earlier this week.

(With files from Lethbridge School Division)