The Prime Minister has outlined what needs to be done to continue to gradually reopen the economy.

In his daily briefing Friday (May 22), Justin Trudeau says during the first minister’s meeting Thursday with provincial and territorial leaders they identified three key areas that must be in place.

The first is to ramp up testing capacity, so new cases can be detected and isolated. The government is working on purchasing reagents and swabs to be distributed to provinces and territories that need it.

The second is the need to accelerate contact tracing, so when a case is diagnosed anyone who may have been in contact can be notified quickly. The government has employees trained to do 3,700 calls a day, seven days a week, and Statistics Canada has employees that can do 20,000 calls a day.

The third is making sure data collected across the country is shared with provinces and territories so the progress of the virus can be closely monitored. Trudeau says all premiers recognize the importance of testing and he says the government will be there to facilitate and fund escalated testing efforts.

Trudeau says testing is crucial as COVID-19 still remains a serious health threat.